On the way

Here I am in the breakfast room at Hotel Attalos, Athens, on my second mug of tea. I can’t be having with those minuscule hotel cups and always ask for a mug, which the lovely staff are always happy to provide. Feeling really good.

So how did this start? Well, work’s been really intense for the last three months, and I’d just about completed the project, so on Sunday night I decided, “I want to go overseas. I have a month before the Australian Masters in Geelong, and I want to spend it in Europe.”

I started by looking at Italy. So many places there I’d like to see. I realised though that as I hadn’t been to Italy before, I needed to research and plan the trip. There was no time to plan, so I decided to go to Greece again. I’ve been twice before so I know my way around a bit, so the decision was made.

On Monday I asked my boss for the time off, and on Thursday I was on the plane.

Yeah baby, ‘cos that’s the way I roll!

I found out that travelling via Dubai is a lot more direct than flying via Guangzhou and Amsterdam. Who knew! 24 hours opposed to 34 last time when I went with Connal, had an extra week and was chasing cheapest flights. Also was able to use 315,000 QANTAS frequent flyer points so the flights cost $108 total. Way to go!



3 thoughts on “On the way

  1. Love your style, oh to be so fancy free! Blog on!!

  2. Kei Nomiki says:

    I’m really looking forward to hearing about your adventures! I love Greece, and all of it’s history! Good luck!!! 🙂

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