Electronic communications

Friday 6 September continued

As soon as I arrived in my room, I’d turned on my iPad, and the free wifi in Attalos kicked in immediately, because the password hadn’t changed from last year. Excellent!

However I still needed access to a phone so before I went to dinner on the Friday night, I went out to get a Greek SIM card. I don’t know what it’s like for other Europeans or people from the Americas, but for Australians, mobile and data roaming charges are ruinous, so a Greek card works out a lot cheaper, even if you recharge it a few times.

Even though it was 7pm on a Friday night, the shops were still open, so taking my passport with me because you need it to buy a SIM card, I sallied forth to the left out of the hotel up Athinas to the first set of traffic lights. I turned right up Evripidou and continued till I came to a Cosmote shop called Germanos. If you have to ask your way there, it’s pronounced Yermanos.

They were out of sims but directed me to the Wind shop next door, where a really helpful young lady sorted me out with various “packets”, 100 minutes to any phone in Australia and New Zealand, 200 minutes to any phone in Greece, and 500 mb of data, for less than 20€. The “number” itself is free. She downloaded an app for me that sends your SMS over the Internet. Just turn on your 3G and send your SMS as usual, and the app does the rest automatically. Turn off your 3G afterwards so that you don’t use all your downloads up.

You can buy a recharge voucher at one of the myriad kiosks along the streets for any of the various packets without having to recharge the lot.



2 thoughts on “Electronic communications

  1. Sounds too easy! Trying to think of something witty to say about Wind, but best not go there!

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