A quiet afternoon in Athens

25 September 2013

I came across the little church of Agia Aikaterini on Galanou Street. The surprise was the lower courtyard, which revealed excavated ruins. I love the way you find this sort of thing in Athens, just wandering around. I’m reminded of a Terry Pratchett line, “What Ankh-Morpork is built on is mostly Ankh-Morpork.” So it is with Athens. From the street I looked down onto pavements and columns. The capitals of the columns were almost at my eye level. The excavations continued into caverns below the street.


The taxi drivers hanging around chatting and smoking didn’t know anything about the site’s history, so I guess I’ll look it up. One day.

The police had been out in force for one of the scheduled demonstrations, but there hadn’t been any trouble. I saw these guys taking a break on Ermou Street and they kindly allowed me to take photos.


I’m always amazed at the way the police travel in Greece. When they’re just doing normal patrols, they ride around in pairs on a little motor bike, but when trouble’s expected they drive around en masse in buses, with heavy weapons and riot shields. I think these guys were happy to be having a quieter afternoon than expected.


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